A Statement of Purpose

Since I’ve made the conscious decision not to participate in so-called social media in any meaningful way, I initially started this website as a way to document some of my travel and whitewater kayaking experiences. I enjoy writing, but have not found sufficient time to publish anything worthwhile here for several years. So be it. Perhaps someday I’ll post here with regularity. In the interim, this site is a somewhat static, digital representation of me.

About The Logo

I’m a kayaker. Rivers are inspirational and ever-changing. Navigating whitewater is the perfect metaphor for a life well-lived. I once wrote a business school admissions essay emphasizing that calculated risk-taking was one of my greatest strengths. I don’t think I would have embraced the professional uncertainty of entrepreneurship if I hadn’t already discovered the deep satisfaction of paddling difficult whitewater. Since having children I’ve really dialed back back the amount of expert-level whitewater paddling I do. Part of this is a function of shifted priorities and lack of time. However, I’ve also had a few friends pass away kayaking. It’s a sobering experience when anyone drowns paddling, but especially when it’s guys you personally know on rivers and rapids that you’ve personally paddled, which was the case with four friends from the northeast who drowned between 2011 and 2014. The kayaker logo is a reminder to myself to live a full life and seek challenge and inspiration through a variety of personal and professional pursuits, but to do so within my personal limits and tolerance for risk.

Attribution: Kayak by Andrew Baygulov from the Noun Project